Australian Standard Management and Reporting System

We use a secure web-based Pest Management Booking & Reporting Software called Formitize for Completion of all Australian Standard Pest Management documents & Invoicing.  This software produces professional documents enabling us to provide photo evidence, if required, within reports prior to the report being emailed directly to our customer upon completion of the job.  The software is accessed through the work tablet and all documents are finalised at the completion of each job.

Should a customer not have access to an email system, the documents are printed on-site with a printer that is stored in the work vehicle. The benefits of this system is that it provides an environmentally friendly option for supply of Pest Management documentation and also significantly reduced time in completion of administration tasks thereby freeing up valuable time and resources.  All documents are regularly reviewed by Reporting Systems Australia to ensure that they reflect current Australian Standards.  We continually strive towards improvement of our service and communication to our customers to deliver the most cost effective service.