Cockroach Ant and Spider Control

Total Pest Services ensure total protection against cockroaches ants and spiders.

Our general home pest treatment carries a 12 month warranty against these common household insects.

With more specialised control for other insects and pests, please discuss your requirements with us to find out any conditions that may apply.

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Termites secretly invading a timber home

It is surprising how long termites can go undetected, causing severe damage to a timber home.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Annual Timber Pest Inspections are essential for early detection of Termite activity to prevent potential significant damage to your home which can result in expensive repairs.

Termite Inspections also assess the conditions that make your home more susceptible to timber pests and provide you with solutions to minimise the risk of attack.


Termite Control Using Exterra baiting system

Exterra is an advanced control system which intercepts termite activity around your home.

A cluster of baiting stations secreted around your home creates an effective zone of protection against termite activity.

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